Top 10 Best 16 Inch Bikes with Training Wheels in 2018 Reviews

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a kid, a bicycle may be just what you should get them to encourage them to play outdoors. Learning to ride may not be so easy, which is why we recommend these top 10 best 16 inch bikes with training wheels. These are the best of 2018 and they are safe and strong.

We have spent a long time researching the best options and we hope you will find just what you want in this list.

10. Diamondback Bicycles Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

10. Diamondback Bicycles Mini Viper Kid's BMX Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

This is a great first timer’s bike with steady training wheels that keep the rider upright and help them gain confidence much faster. As a parent safety will be one of your concerns and this bike is made to be safe with a plastic cover for the chain that will prevent the kid from getting cut by the chain.

It also features an intuitive braking system so that the kid does not ride into objects and hurt themselves. You will not have to worry about kids growing very fast since the seat can be raised as the child grows until they are ready for a bigger bicycle.

9. Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike

9. Titan Girl's Flower Princess BMX Bike

Now here is a pretty bike designed for a princess. It boasts of being the only girl’s bike that comes with a seat for a doll so that your princes can enjoy riding with her favorite doll or teddy bear. It is multi-colored with colors we consider to be little girls’ favorites and has a basket in the front to put in whatever she wants.

The training wheels are sturdy to manage any weight of a kid and keep them well balanced. To ensure safety, the greater part of the chain is well covered in well-decorated plastic. It also has handlebar padding and rubber grips all for her safety. All in all, it is a lovely safe bike for the little one.

8. Goplus 16″ Kids Bike Bicycle, Boy’s Bike and Girl’s Bike w/ Training Wheels, Toddler Ride, Gifts for Children

8. Goplus 16 inch Kids Bike Bicycle, Boy's Bike and Girl's Bike w/ Training Wheels, Toddler Ride, Gifts for Children

For a young boy, here is a great first bike for them. It is made for kids from 3 to 7 years and can carry a max weight of 110 pounds. The frame is metallic and painted red, which I believe would appeal to an adventurer and the wheels are black. It has coaster brake system so the bike can be brought to a standstill by peddling backward.

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The seat is easy to adjust as the kid grows and the training wheels also come off easily once they have learned to ride and mastered confidence. The price of this bike is appealing and I would say is money well spent.

7. Huffy Disney Princess Steel Frame Kids Bike for Girls 16 Inch with Training Wheels Front Bag

7. Huffy Disney Princess Steel Frame Kids Bike for Girls 16 Inch with Training Wheels Front Bag

This is a cute bike that your little princess will love. The front bag is a nice touch as she can put different stuff in there as she plays all day long. The bike is light so it is easy to push around even for a little girl but the frame is strong to ensure she is still safe riding it.

It is easy to put together and the height can be adjusted as she grows up. The training wheels may look a bit small but they get the job done.

6. Firmstrong Girl’s Bella Bicycle

6. Firmstrong Girl's Bella Bicycle

If you have experience with Firmstrong bikes for adults, then you know what to expect with this one for the kids. The bikes are made strong and intended to last long, it has a curvy handlebar that can be adjusted as the little one grows, the same applies to the seat. The seat is made soft with springs that absorb bumps and the tires too are intended to make the ride smooth.

This bike should be easy to ride for a young girl as the pedals turn easily. Everything has been done to see to it that riding is fun for the little one.

5. RoyalBaby Jenny & Bunny Girl’s Bike with basket, 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch girls bike with training wheels, gifts for kids, girls’ bicycles

5. RoyalBaby Jenny & Bunny Girl's Bike with basket, 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch girls bike with training wheels, gifts for kids, girls' bicycles

This is a stylish bike made for a stylish little girl. The style though is coupled with performance. The bike is easy to ride and has the safety features you would want to have on a young girl’s bike. It also has a basket on the front, which seems to be very common with many of the bicycles for young girls in this list.

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The young leaner will be safe with the fully enclosed chain and the training wheels that are made to reduce noise, thus enabling the child to hear whatever is in their surroundings, as opposed to others that squeak a lot. Like many reviewers say, it would make a great gift for a little girl.

4. Huffy So Sweet Girls’ Bike

4. Huffy So Sweet Girls' Bike

Huffy boasts of being the first to add training wheels to children’s bikes and they have a long experience in making bikes for young ones so you can trust that a bike featured in this list is really good. This one is painted in hot-pink and has a very soft seat for the comfort of a young learner.

It has coaster brakes and the top part of the chain is all covered up to ensure the kid’s safety. What’s more is that it is ideal for kids between 4 to 6 and the seat and handle can be adjusted easily as the child grows. It comes at a good price and will last longer.

3. Schwinn Girl’s Jasmine Bicycle

3. Schwinn Girl's Jasmine Bicycle

Balance is not all that a young rider needs to learn, maneuvering the bike is just as important and Schwinn knows that, which is why they put together a bike with BMX style handlebars which are lighter and so easier to steer. The grip is also made smaller so that the little hands can easily wrap around them and have steady control of the bike. The features of this bike are intended to give more control and confidence to the kid so that they can learn to ride faster.

The bike is quite strong too and the manufacturer gives a lifetime limited warranty which gives you more confidence in what you would be purchasing.

2. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy’s Bikes and Girl’s Bikes with training wheels, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, Gifts for children

2. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, Gifts for children

A top 10 bike list cannot be complete without a BMX. Give your kid a taste of a bike that was made to impress. Let them learn to ride with a bike that is strong, safe and light. This one comes with a water bottle at the back and thick tires for better grip of the road and a smoother ride even over bumpy surfaces.

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It is reasonably priced considering it is strong and durable and a great bike overall.

1. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 16″, Yellow/Black

1. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 16, Yellow/Black

Now here is another BMX, but it is a lot better than the Royalbaby. It is a dirt bike which the little one will be able to do tricks on once they have mastered riding and no longer need the training wheels. It is recommended for kids from 4 to 8 years old and the seat can be adjusted easily.

It is designed to be flashy but still safe. Coaster braking ensures a smoother stop, the handlebars have padding and it has good grip. The little one should have no problem learning to ride and they probably would be eager to get those training wheels off.


BMX has always been the king of bicycles and it is no exception for the kid’s bikes with training wheels. We highly recommend the Dynacraft Magna especially for boys and if it is for a girl, the Schwinn may be more loved. The main thing is to get a bicycle that is safe and durable and any of these Top 10 Best 16 Inch Bikes with Training Wheels may be a great option.

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