Top 10 Best 18 Inch Bikes with Training Wheels in 2020 Reviews

If you are just getting your child their first bike, it is advisable to have one with training wheels. It may not be easy to make a choice from the thousands on the market so we are attempting to make it easier for you to choose by providing this review for top 10 best 18 inch bikes with training wheels in 2020.

Here you will find only the most suitable bikes for your young one from 5 years to 8 which can be adjusted to suit their height. We have done extensive research and here are our best recommendations.

10. Dynacraft Boys Voltage Bike

10. Dynacraft Boys Voltage Bike

If you are looking for something affordable, here is a choice you may be happy with. It is a straight forward bike for children between 6 and 10 years old. The frame is attractive and the wheels are sporty. You are able to adjust the seat as the boy grows taller.

There is a cool looking plate on the handlebar just to add flash to the bike. It will provide a smooth ride and the brakes work well. It would make a nice first bike and the training wheels can come off easy once the child has gotten their balance.

9. Our Generation “Anywhere You Cruise” Doll Bicycle

9. Our Generation

This is a cute bike for a cute girl. The pink is a color any doll would love. It has a basket on the front for her to put whatever she would like to ride along with. Although it is a cute bike, it is still well put together and strong.

The handle grips are made for small hands to easily grip them and feel safe as they concentrate on learning to balance. It is not expensive and many parents who bought it say they are happy with the choice they made.

8. Dynacraft 8093-36TJ Decoy Girls Camo Bike

8. Dynacraft 8093-36TJ Decoy Girls Camo Bike

A well put together bike for girls with deluxe paint and decoy graphics. It has great safety features like coaster braking as well as U brakes on the front and back tires. The chains are also covered to protect little fingers as well as the legs in case of contact.

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The training wheels are strong and not flimsy like some other bikes. The wheels themselves are thick for a smooth ride even over rough surfaces. As the girl grows taller, the seat and handle can be raised.

7. Boys 18 inch Rallye Pro Mod Bike

7. Boys 18 inch Rallye Pro Mod Bike

Watch the little racer enjoy his new bike with its graphics inspired by the bigger race bikes. For their safety, the handlebars are padded and it has coaster braking for easy stopping. The training wheels have been made to be removed easily once he is ready to move on to riding with 2 wheels.

This bike is inexpensive and is made with strong steel so that it is durable. It is recommended for boys from 5 to 7 years and the seat can be raised according to the child’s height. It is indeed one of the top 10 best 18 inch bikes with training wheels.

6. Genesis 18″ Cute Girls Purple Illusion Bicycle with Backpack

6. Genesis 18 Cute Girls Purple Illusion Bicycle with Backpack

This is a really colorful bike that any little girl would love. The training wheels are easy to fix and to remove once she has gotten her balance. It is well put together to ensure that it lasts long and the seat can be adjusted quickly when the need arises. It also has a zipper storage bag for girls on the go.

The chains have been covered on the top so that the little one does not get cut in case of a fall. The brakes gradually bring the bike to a stop as opposed to a sudden stop that may throw her over the handlebars. Most parents are happy with this bike for their young girls.

5. RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid’s bikes

5. RoyalBaby CubeTube Kid's bikes

Boy or girl, this bike will suit them all. It has nothing fancy on it, but it still looks appealing to both boys and girls. It will go well with a young one pure mind and high energy. When designing this bike, extra care was taken to make the seat with the human body in mind. It is quite comfortable with foam padding and just the right size.

The tires are made thick, for better balance and more comfort. It also makes them look sporty. It has reliable braking system and the entire circumference of the chain is covered for safety. This bike is a looker as well as a performer.

4. RoyalBaby Little Swan Bike

4. RoyalBaby Little Swan Bike

If you wish to have a Royalbaby bike specifically for girls, then this is what you get. Your little swan will have a swan of her own to ride around on. It is easy to mount because of the low curved bars from the handle to the saddle. Like the Cube Tube, the saddle is comfortable. It comes with a stand which can replace the training wheels once the little swan has learned to fly. There is also a little basket on the front which most bikes for young girls have.

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3. RoyalBaby Jenny & Bunny Girl’s Bike

3. RoyalBaby Jenny & Bunny Girl's Bike

This is a stylish bike made for a stylish little girl. The style though is coupled with performance. The bike is easy to ride and has the safety features you would want to have on a young girl’s bike. It also has a basket on the front, which seems to be very common with many of the bicycles for young girls in this list.

The young learner will be safe with the fully enclosed chain and the training wheels that are made to reduce noise, thus enabling the child to hear whatever is in their surroundings, as opposed to others that squeak a lot. Like many reviewers say, it would make a great gift for a little girl.

2. 18″ Star Wars Boys’ Bike by Huffy

2. 18

This bike spots bold colors and would excite a young boy who loves Darth Vader. It has a graphic handlebar and the whole bike is also painted in the star wars theme. The bike itself is a sporty bike with nice big wheels for more speed and balance. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8 and height 42 to 49 inches.

The young boy will be excited and proud with his new bike and probably in a hurry to learn to balance without the training wheels.

1. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

1. RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

And here is the best of them all. The BMX freestyle comes with a water bottle and a bell which the others do not have. It is a sporty bike with large wheels and also quite safe. Some parents say BMX gives more balance to the little ones and in no time, they will not need the training wheels. We cannot confirm nor deny this though.

This is a long-lasting bike, crafted from hard metal, it can take a number of falls and yet continue serving your little one until they outgrow it. It is totally worth every penny and more.


When choosing a bike for your kid, you may have to decide if you want to have one that clearly defines for them gender or you can go for a unisex bike. We consider the Royalbaby BMX Freestyle to be a unisex bike and we recommend it as the best. You can however go ahead to decide which of these 10 would best suit your little one and you would still have a really good bike with training wheels.